December,2002 Files -- Obituary.
                                       Service.(JPEG)  - Cape Cod
                  memorials:    Dan's,  (JPEG)      
                                       In Pullman.(JPEG)
Making the Ark  (JPEG)   -- January thru April 2003 
Elk Butte Gathering  (JPEG)  - Spring Announcement   
A day for Rae ---June 21,2003
Elk Butte --- June20,2004
Baby File-----pictures and stories  
1962 to 1986  -- Pictures   (JPEG file)
Elk River ------ camper's photo memories (JPEG file)
Other pictures :
SXSW-Austin - 1998 Trip with AHA friends, met by Dan and Naomi 
 Cape Cod     Mission Accomplished    Family Group Photo  - Oct.,2000 
Halloween   - Oct.31, 2000 at AHA
At home ------Pullman, Washington - July,2001
Campsite -----July, 2002   -  This is a JPEG file
Camper --- July 2002  Rinky Dink Camp Ground
New Bike ----October, 2002 Portland, Oregon
Fiftieth Birthday Remembrance